3 features every stylish kitchen should have


Kitchens are the heart of the home. They are where the family congregates and typically where the magic happens; namely, lots of food and memory-making…

Needless to say, the stable of the home needs to be designed to the individual’s taste, style and personal requirements due to your excessive time spent there.

With this in mind, no matter the size of the space, whether it’s large, medium or small, there are 4 fundamental features that every person should take into account when designing their kitchen.

Here at Grosvenor Granite, we’re going to list the most pivotal points that we believe will benefit your kitchen instrumentally, to provide the best possible space that you will cherish for years to come…

1. A stylish stone worktop

This one may seem self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how many people sustain old, deteriorating or outdated worktops that do not provide the level of quality and aesthetic the homeowners deserve.

Are you still putting up with that kitchen that feels archaic? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Indeed, kitchen renovations are often time-consuming and not necessarily the most budget-friendly options, so individuals will continue to work with a worktop and overall kitchen design that no longer serves their individual needs and styles.

Problem is worktops are always the centre of the action when it comes to the kitchen itself. It’s part of the house that sees the most action – which means you need one that is sustainable and high-quality to put up with the demand of a high-traffic zone. And it’s that kitchen worktop which is the undisputed king of the kitchen that is important to get right!

Whether its a luxurious granite worktop available in a multitude of colours and designs, from stylish sandstorm to luxurious labrador Madagascar, or even a high-quality quartz worktop that can provide both a contemporary aesthetic, as seen in our white shimmer stone or a regal unique mariquina, the choices are endless to suit your kitchen and design needs.

At Grosvenor Granites, we stock an extensive range of delightful quartz and granite stones all across Wales, Cheshire and the North West of England to consumers – transforming their homes into a kitchen that looks like it’s been taken straight from a catalogue.

2. Reliable Appliances

As aforementioned, the kitchen is a high traffic zone with so much going on 24-7. This means products and utilities that are sustainable and high-quality are imperative for individuals to allow this room to function in the most efficient way possible.

Indeed, every amazing kitchen has appliances that not only look amazing but also cope with the strains that they are put on them during everyday activities. For example, high-quality quartz and granite worktops contain pure stone elements, making them extremely durable to stand the test of time of the ever-demanding needs of most kitchens. They are also extremely high resistance to heat, non-porous and require the least amount of maintenance when caring for these products – all fundamental assets to any kitchen utility space. One of the most beneficial things about owning a quartz or granite kitchen surface is the ability to implement appliances such as hobs like the foessa fire pit, which is installed within the quartz to prevent you from having to clean and scrub the kitchen appliances meticulous after cooking your food.

If you are renovating your kitchen on a time budget, then it is important to consider which products/appliances you should prioritise, all of which should be extremely reliable for economical reasons, to safeguard you from purchasing replacements months later.

For example, you may want to think about allocating more budget to spend on your fridge, oven and hob rather than forking out for a food processor you might only use a handful of times a year.

3. Lighting

Every room has its own ambience, all of which is generated by the most appropriate lighting.

“The most obvious reason as to why kitchen lighting is so essential is that it maximises the visibility in working areas. Well placed lighting helps to illuminate worktops for food preparation, whereas under the unit or cabinet lighting styles assist darker spots within the kitchen.”

Surprisingly, kitchen lighting is often one of the most overlooking aspects of any kitchen design (presumably favoured over kitchen worktops and tiling/design aesthetics). However, lighting has such a dramatic impact on any finished room. In the UK, we are often deprived of a lot of natural light, so ensuring there ample amount of artificial light is important when preparing food, cooking and cleaning the kitchen (no one wants to be squinting at the recipe book when in their kitchen space).

Moreover, open floors are continuously on the rise and a huge interior trend, meaning kitchens and dining rooms have blended into one. What does this mean? This mean lighting is of paramount importance to set the mood for when you are all around the table eating, entertaining and talking amongst oneself.

From a kitchen worktop perspective, much of the high-quality, luxurious quartz has many reflective qualities to them which works incredibly with the light to create a glossy, glistening finish, as seen in our starlight white stone. No matter what you do when renovating your kitchen space, never underestimate the importance of good lighting. It can completely transform the space!

With all this in mind, you may be starting to consider a kitchen renovation (particularly when you’re spending so much time in it). If you are still weighing up your options or not entirely sure of what will work best for you and your home, call our friendly team today for a free consultation. We will be more than happy to help transform your kitchen into a magical and practical space.