4 Reasons Why You Need a New Kitchen 


4 Reasons Why You Need a New Kitchen

Kitchens are the focal point in many homes, with their overall attractive and Pinterest-worthy aesthetic. It’s also a place where people spend the majority of their time cooking, relaxing and living in. A place where people can gather together when friends and family come over, thus making it an indispensable environment that should be designed to your specific requirements and needs.

Like a fine wine, a kitchen takes time to mature and blossom into a space that is truly adorned by homeowners. Whether it’s choosing the layout, colour schemes, built-in gadgets and materials, each piece of the kitchen puzzle needs to be meticulously selected to create the overall finished masterpiece. A kitchen isn’t something that you can change too often and is something that you need to take a long-term view about. However, when it’s done right, it can completely transform your home.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the 4 top reasons for redecorating your kitchen…

Add value to your home

According to the National Association for Estate Agents (NAEA), if your budget can only stretch to renovating one room, that room should be the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of a home, so it stands to reason that this is the room most buyers focus on. It’s estimated that a new kitchen will improve the value of your property by around 5%-15%.

Indeed, Most experts in the industry agree that kitchens are a key room to decorate for securing a sale when you want to relocate – particularly those light and airy decorated contemporary designs such as our light grey stone quartz, which helps create a minimalist and elegant look which is very on-trend in the interiors world.

High-quality countertops are also a must-have in any modern kitchen design to boost value to your home.  Aside from being the literal work surface of your whole kitchen, they’re a massive focal point for the eye and help elevate value in the upgraded appearance and performance they offer.

Boost energy savings

Kitchen utensils and machinery is one of the main contributing factors to your utility bills, so if you’re looking for ways to lower your bills and create an environmentally-friendly kitchen. A modern kitchen can facilitate these needs, creating an energy-efficient place where you can significantly drop your monthly bills.

Increased functionality

The beauty of a kitchen remodel is that you can specifically design a space that is tailored to your individual and everyday requirements, replacing anything you dislike in your existing kitchen.

A tired and antiquated old oven is not quite the impressive feature it was in the 1970s. Consequently, opting for stainless steel appliances with quartz surfaces that are both energy efficient and elevate the appeal of your rooms aesthetic is particularly fruitful for any kitchen re-design.

The beauty of modern kitchens is that you can install just about anything that you shall require. Need a dedicated place for your cutlery, you can get a knife draw located in close proximity to your quartz centre island. Want more space to cultivate your culinary skills without being cramped and claustrophobic, now you can now install heaters within your island kitchen countertops. A kitchen redesign gives you that flexibility and innovation to create a space that works for YOU.

A Space You Love

Whilst people may resent change and often be stuck in their ways, the best part about remodeling and changing their home is that it is a great way to change the scenery in a beautiful way (a factor we are all craving now more than ever).

It’s suggested that us Brits spend an average of 1,132 days – or  27,156 hours of our lifetime – slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen. So surely it’s a great investment to transform that place we spend SO much of our time in.

Although kitchen re-designs may feel like a laborious and time-consuming task, the end results are worth the concerted effort. You have the opportunity to coordinate your outdated kitchen to mirror your old home, with so many new colour schemes and gadgets available on the current marketplace. Whether you require a modern aesthetic, with cabinets and quartz countertops that are simplistic but bright in appearance such as our ambiente white, or if you fancy something more traditional like our Juparana Bordeaux granite countertops to match your wooden cabinets for a bold and dramatic finish. The choices are endless.

After spending the year indoors looking at the same four walls, it might be time to consider a renovation that will cater to your needs. Remember to love the space your in and create a room that you will cherish.