How to Make Your Granite and Quartz Worktops Stand Out


When designing your dream kitchen, many people choose a granite or quartz countertop. There are so many kitchen accessories that you can add, although, knowing what can really work for you and make your kitchen pop can be a difficult decision. Many problems can arise when planning a kitchen, such as poorly planned sockets and switches, inadequate storage space or insufficient worktop space.

Additionally, picking the correct colour scheme can be a difficult task, particularly when there is an extensive range of  options to choose from. Thus, online shops and showrooms that feature granite and quartz worktops designs are essential, as they provide an overview of the possible countertop colour schemes, their finishes and size availability.

Another major concern when designing your kitchen is staying on trend as fashions are ever evolving. If you’re not an interior designer, then transforming a room might be something that does not necessarily come naturally…

In order to help provide insight into the potential interior accessories available on the marketplace and overcome these kitchen nightmares, we have selected a range of extremely popular design features to help facilitate the transformation process and make your life that little bit easier. These are listed below;

Curved Corners

Over the past couple of years in Chester and on the Wirral, a curved corner design has become increasingly more popular amongst consumers.

The major benefit of curved corners is their ability to create a streamlined illusion that blurs the contrast between your kitchen and living area to create the ultimate open-plan space, blurring out the contrast between your kitchen and living area.

Curved corners within your kitchen design is a great way to enhance the look, providing a softer, more elegant aesthetic.

Possibly one of the major advantages of this design is the safety aspect. Having round corners makes it much more child friendly than a 90 degree sharp corner.This could help prevent children from cuts, bumps and bruises from blunt corners.

Drainer Grooves

Drainer grooves can be a great addition to your beautiful new kitchen. They help prevent water from working its way along the countertop and soaking everything on your kitchen work surface and onto your floors..

Drainer grooves combined with an undermounted sink are extremely aesthetically pleasing, which is a predominant factor for their global appeal.

If you choose a Quartz kitchen top, they provide an ideal work surface as they are non-porous, making them the perfect fit for your kitchen drainer grooves.

Undermounted Sinks

A fantastically modern kitchen can be achieved with an undermounted sink. As the name indicates, the sinks are classified as ‘undermounted’ because they sit under the counter, with the sink edge below the granite or quartz countertop.

There are 3 ways in which you can have your undermounted sink installed:

  • Positive Real – the counter stops before the edge of the sink, forming a ledge
  • Negative Real – the counter protrudes over the sink just a little
  • Flush – the counter and the sink edges are completely smooth and even

These sinks help to create clean lines and an attractive finish to your design, also providing you with additional space; an essential asset to any kitchen interior (particularly when cooking up a storm or entertaining guests). With choosing an undermounted sink, it is much easier to wipe any food and the sink itself can be a lot deeper, allowing you to clean large pots and pans.

Undermounted sinks are definitely a home accessory that emblematises modernist interiors given their ability to create a clean and clutter-free space. Pair them with neutral tones in the quartz or granite materials like our Alaska white granite and you will truly generate the ultimate minimalist interior. Although, as with the majority of quartz and granite surfaces, you can opt for whatever design scheme that suits your individual preferences. Fortunately, undermounted sinks can work in a range of kitchen schemes and styles, so if you’re a clean-freak or a maximalism-lover, they can be tailored to suit you and your needs.

Why not consider our Alaska White granite with a grey undertone and a white undermounted sink for your next kitchen design and truly embrace the neutral decor design trend that has dominated the interior world for the past decade. Or, if you prefer a darker design, consider our natural Mariance Black granite with shades of grey, white and different types of rock set in a matrix.

Breakfast Bar

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so adding a breakfast bar would create a central space where everyone can gather. An added benefit when entertaining, allowing more people to fit around the kitchen and provides them with the option to sit or stand.

One of the most important benefits of this design is the extra counter space it will provide. If you only have a small kitchen and you are wanting to utilize every bit of space possible, then this kitchen bar design is for you. This breakfast bar addition will give you more space to not only cook, but provide a versatile and functional space for entertaining family and friends in your Chester or Wirral home.

What was once a boring area can be turned into a dynamic social space, so there is no wonder why more people want to accommodate a granite breakfast bar within their kitchen.

Kitchen Islands

When relaxing in your home, your kitchen is the main hub where everybody flocks towards, particularly when you have a large kitchen island to centre your gatherings around.

An island unit adds additional storage, with pull out shelves and cabinets hidden within the island unit. If you ever thought you didn’t have enough space, then kitchen islands help to solve this problem and make a great accessible space.

This central space adds versatility and additional kitchen amenities can be added to your island making it more functional with limitless options for cooking and entertaining. Moreover, having a kitchen island provides extra seating for you and your family where needed.

End Panel

An end panel provides a statement piece that covers the exposed end of the kitchen unit and adds a finishing touch to the kitchen by creating a continuous design flow throughout.  From fitting flush with the doors, or implementing a slight edge past the kitchen cabinets; the options are endless. They are normally fitted deliberately oversized and can be placed in a variety of different positions.

If your carcasses don’t match the drawers or doors, then an end panel is essential . This is because they provide continuity across the kitchen countertop and thus a  more uniform overall appearance to your granite or quartz kitchen. End panels would also be a great option if you have a dishwasher or fridge freezer that stands alone, as this would provide a more sleek and elegant look to your kitchen workspace.


Overall, it’s important to consider these kitchen accessories when designing your new kitchen in the Chester or Wirral area. Here at Grosvenor Granite we can help to accentuate your worktops and add the finishing touches to your kitchen.