White Quartz Worktops: 4 Reasons Why You Need It


White Quartz Worktops: 4 Reasons Why You Need It

When it comes to renovating your kitchen, many people have been investing in darker shaker style kitchens and less for contemporary white kitchens. However, white, bright and light kitchens have since seen a resurgence in popularity. Both marble and Quartz worktops are hugely popular, but deciding which one to go for can be a tricky decision. Read all about Quartz vs Granite Worktops to determine the best product for your kitchen.

To help aid your decision, here are the top 4 reasons Grosvenor Granite believe white Quartz worktops should be your next investment:

  1. A beautifully clean, fresh look
  2. Non-porous
  3. Hygienic
  4. Heat and stain resistant

How to make your kitchen stand out with Quartz worktops

Create a fresh look with Quartz

One of the main attractions of white is how it is commonly associated with looking clean and fresh. Because of the colour, any crumbs and stains easily show up, so people can sometimes steer away from this as it takes a lot to upkeep.

If you love a clean kitchen and don’t mind the continuous maintenance then a Quartz white worktop in avalanche is a fantastic choice. This elegant design by Fugen stone is white with a marble effect running through it. For a hint of sparkle, invest in white shimmer Quartz to give an immaculate finish combined with a hint of sophisticated charm.

Non-porous Quartz

Classic Quartz is a non-porous material, which means it is very stain resistant making it perfect for kitchens. It also resists staining much better than granite or marble. Because of its stain-resistant properties, any spillages are easily removed making it perfect for any families with young children who are a little accident-prone.

Unlike other natural stones, Quartz is a material that is very consistent in colour and pattern. Quartz is manufactured and man-made, so it is designed to please the eye of the customer. You will not be disappointed when your kitchen worktops arrive for installation as there will not be a fault with the colour or pattern.

Hygienic Worktops

As Quartz worktops are non-porous this means they won’t harbour bacteria or viruses. They are designed with their customers in mind, so don’t allow bacteria growth on the surface. A huge bonus for Quartz worktops is that you can prepare food on the surface without damaging the stone.

Heat and stain resistance

Classic Quartz can tolerate up to extreme heat, as long as it does not exceed certain temperatures. However, you should still use heat pads when placing anything hot such as cooking pots directly onto the surface to minimize the risk of damaging or burning the worktops.

Quartz will not cost you long-term with sealing costs. It is incredibly easy to maintain. Quartz is the perfect stone for those of you who have a lower budget and is one of the most hassle-free options.

A Quartz worktop for your kitchen

When looking to incorporate a Quartz worktop in your home, Quartz is a perfect choice!

The specialists here at Grosvenor Granite have years of experience installing Quartz countertops across the Wirral, North Wales and Chester.

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