Why You Need Granite Worktops


Renovating your kitchen can be an enjoyable yet difficult task. Do you pick quartz, laminate, wood or even granite? Granite worktops have become increasingly popular in many households.

If you want to find out if granite worktops are really worth the cost, then read on to find out more…

The Two Types of Granite: Slab Granite and Pre-Produced Granite 

For your kitchen worktops, there are two types of granite to choose from Slab Granite and Pre-Produced Granite. Slab granite (as its name suggests) is a slab of granite that is imported into the UK, cut and polished then fitted into your kitchen.

Whereas, pre-produced granite is mass-produced and comes pre-cut into specific sizes. Because of this, pre-produced granite is a much more affordable option.

Both types of granite vary in cost and many people struggle to tell the difference between the two as they look so similar. This being said, overall, many people prefer slab granite as it looks more natural and can be much easier to accommodate custom dimensions.

The Advantages of Granite Worktops 

The main advantage of granite worktops is that they are not porous, meaning liquids and air cannot soak or pass through the material. This then results in a lot less dirt and bacteria forming on your kitchen surfaces, so, therefore, making it a lot cleaner than many other types of kitchen surfaces.

Granite also can also last many years and still look as good as it did when it was first fitted.

Granite worktops also come perfectly flat, which can be a major bonus when it comes to the type of food you are preparing. Its eco-friendly nature and appearance will add value to your home. This is an important factor to consider when thinking about the cost of granite worktops.

Choosing Grovesnor Granite

Granite worktops are for sure worth the investment. They withstand the test of time and will still look as good as new ten years down the line. They’re more hygienic than other worktop materials, so you’d be crazy not to invest in an elegant granite countertop.

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