What is Naturamia?

NATURAMIA® Collection selects the most exclusive Natural Stone products to create sophisticated environments in line with the latest trends in interior design and decoration. Each slab is exclusive, unique and original and it has been carefully selected and treated with the latest technology. As a result, these materials are one of the most resistant Natural Stone products on the market.

What are the Benefit of Naturamia?

Levantina applies a bacteriostatic treatment to all the slabs in NATURAMIA® Collection. This avoids the growth of bacteria on them.

Levantina applies an exclusive treatment to its NATURAMIA® Collection slabs to protect them from stains.

Levantina is the first Company offering a
10 years certified warranty in all its products. With any NATURAMIA® Collection product, Levantina provides an Authenticity Certificate. This document proves that all the materials has passed strict quality controls and it certifies its warranty from the installation date, once activated.

The pre treated natural stone is fire and heat resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant and has antibacterial propertys.

Two types of finishes are available;

Polished - It is the most characteristic finished for Natural Stone, a mirror effect shine treatment.
Vintage - It keeps the natural hue of the stone, imprints a soft texture and appearance, and a pleasant touch. The effect is a surface that ages visibly over the years.

Slabs are available in 20 & 30mm, sizes can very to get in touch to find out more.

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Warwick Rubí
Barocco Vintage Finish
Victoria Falls (Premium Edition)
Perla Venata
Sahara Nights
Belvedere Vintage Finish(Premium Edition)
Labrador Antique
Verde Lara
Lennon Gold
Antico Dalia
White Macaubas
Lennon Vintage