What is Radianz

Radianz Quartz is a compound made up of 93% natural quartz and 7% high quality resin.

What are the benefits Of Samsung Radianz

Radianz has over 25 colours to chose from and are all available in polished finish.
To ensure your satisfaction, Radanz are proud to offer a limited non-transferable 15-year warranty.
Non porous and scratch resistant quartz makes it a grate choice for kitchen countertops.

Slabs are available in 20mm and 30mm thick and the slab dimensions are 1520mm x 3100 and jumbo slabs at 3200mm x 1600mm.

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Lucern Lake
Denali Cloud
Imperial Grey
Adirondack Birch
Antigua Beach
St. Helens White
Mariposa Buff
Marima Bronze
Gold Canyon Grey
Diamond White
Mont Blanc Snow
Kunlun Inc
Ural Grey
Kauai Cream
Shasta Brown
Everest White
Toluca Sand
Aleutian White
Columbia Grey