What is Technistone

Technistone is a compact, durable, none porous, composite material made of hard, inorganic granulates which are closely bonded and coloured with appropriate pigments. It is ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms and hotels.

Technistone quartz surfaces are made from crushed selected granite, silica sand and in some products, crushed mirror; blended and bonded with a high performance polyester resin and coloured pigments.

Benefits of Technistone

Modern design
A wide range of colors and textures inspired by nature
High resistance to mechanical and chemical damage
Easy maintenance
Elegant designs in modern and rustic concept
Whitest white on the market
Colour uniformity for a complete look
Timeless component of the interior
Seamless processing
The product is certified for contact with food, manufactured from a proportion of recycled materials and free from toxic substances
Anti slippery benefits

Technistone is available in the different finishes,
Polished - A high gloss finish that is highly sealed. A ultra smooth and reflective surface.
Matt - A matt finish that feels and appears velvety soft.
Aredesia - A rougher surface finish. A robust appearance with the benefit of being anti slip.

Slabs are available in 20 & 30mm thick and are 3060 x 1440mm in length and hight.

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Elegance Dark Grey
Noble Pro Frost
Taurus Black
Noble Areti Bianco
Venetian Galaxy
Noble Ivory White
Noble Cloudy Onyx
Starlight Frappe
Starlight Mocca
Starlight Corto
Crystal Absolute White
Crystal Polar White
Hermonia Sierra
Brilliant Grey
Brilliant White
Classic Ice
Noble Pietra Grey
Noble Olympos Mist
Noble Imperial Grey
Noble Desiree Grey
Noble Concrete Grey
Noble Athos Brown
Harmonia Meridia
Taurus Brown Pearl
Starlight White
Starlight Sand
Starlight Sapphire
Starlight Ruby
Starlight Red
Starlight Grey
Starlight Green
Starlight Brown
Starlight Blue
Starlight Black
Noble Troya
Noble Supreme White
Noble Carrara
Noble Botticino
Karpat Arizona
Harmonia Yosemite
Hermonia Velasco
Harmonia Altay
Harmonia Dolomites
Gobi Grey
Gobi Black
Gobi Brown
Crystal Royal
Crystal Sahara
Crystal Quartz White
Crystal Nevada
Crystal Diamond
Crystal Creme Beige
Crystal Anthracite
Brilliant Black