What is Granite?
Granite is formed when magma, with a certain silica content, migrates into an environment where it cools slowly (over millions of years) solidifying and forming interlocking crystals. The general rule is that the slower the granite cools the larger the individual crystals, the faster it cools the smaller the crystals.
The common minerals are Quartz, Feldspars and Mica. Other minerals are present depending on the chemicals in the cooling magma.

Why choose Granite for a countertop?
Granite is perfect for a kitchen countertop as it is extremely hard natural stone. When sealed it become none porous so its extremely stain resistant. The heat from the kitchen is no problem for granite as its volcanic rock. Granite is very hard waring and scratch resistant. It comes in hundreds of colours and pattens and give a timeless look to any kitchen.

Granite can be finished in different textures. Polished, Honed, River washed and leathered.

The selection shown is just some of the granite stocked by us and our wholesalers. If you can’t fine what you’re looking for please get in touch and we will do all we can to make sure you find what you’re after. We have large samples of over 30 popular granite colours in our showroom if you would prefer to see them close up.

Please be aware that stock could appear different due to natural variation.

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Silver Grey
Sant Angelo
Graphite Grey
Silver Waves
Verde Tropical
Golden Arras
Labradorite Multicolor
Blue Mare
Magma Gold/ Fusion Black
Bianco Piracema
Warwick Rubí
Labrador Madagascar
Prada Gold
Thunder Bordeaux/ Monte Carlo Bordeaux
Andromeda White
Thunder White
Rosa Sardo/ Rosa Beta
Paradiso Classico
Nero Marcos
Juparanà Bordeaux
Dakota Mahogany
Bianco Cristal
Bengal Black/ Cobalt Black
Virginia Mist
Verde Eucalypto
Verde San Francisco
Verde Olive
Absolute Black/ Nero Absoluto
Steel Grey (Lepatura Finish)
Harvest Cream
Colonial White
Ocean Green
Golden Fire
Salinas White
Nero Victoria
Silver Paradiso
Nero Honed
Nero Classic
River White
New Venetian Gold
Solarius/ Golden Persa
Monte Pirsto
Antico Dalia
Lemurian Blue
Flash Blue
Kashmir Gold
Moon White
Impala Honed
Bianco Romano
Bianco Diamante
Black Forest
Colonial Cream
Black Pearl
White Spring
Cosmic Black
White Storm
Alaska/ Ice White
Azul Imperial/ Azul Boquira
Angola Black
Angola Blue/ Blue in the Night
Antique Brown/ Marron Cohiba
Angola Silver
Blue Pearl
Emerald Pearl/ Labrador Green
Barocco Vintage Finish
Sahara Nights
Labrador Antique
Verde Lara
Lennon Gold
Antico Dalia
Lennon Vintage
Colonial White (Sensa)
Black Beauty (Caresse)
Moak Black
Glacial Blue
Ice Blue
Indian Black
Volga Blue/ Spectrolite
Viscount White
Verde Peacock
Tropical Black
Tan Brown
Supreme Black
Steel Grey
Star Galaxy
Shivakashi/ Ivory Brown
Sapphire Brown
Raw Silk
Perla White/ Galaxy Grey
Paradiso Bash
Nero Zimbabwe
Nero Cosmos/ Stargate
Naga Green
Multicolour Red
Matrix – Antico
Mariance Red
Marinace Green
Mariance Black
Magic Green / Baltic Green
Madura Gold
Lemon Ice / Kashmir Lime
Labrador Antique
Kashmir White
Juperana Rosa
Juperana Colombo
Ivory Fantasy
Imperial White
Himalaya Blue
Giallo Veneziano
Giallo Fiorito
Giallo Butterfly
Emerald Black
Cafe Brown
Blue Eyes
Blue Butterfly
Bianco Sardo
Bianco Antique
Baltic Brown
Balmoral Red
Kerala Green/ Imperial Green
Antique Cream