Absolute Black/ Nero Absoluto

Nero Absoluto Granite is a dark black stone with small grain. It is mined in Zimbabwe and available in 20mm and 30mm thickness. The granite is a natural occurring stone that is ideal for kitchen worktops as its extremely hard to scratch, resistant to very high temperatures and once sealed, completely resistant to staining.

This practically pure black stone worktop has a timeless appeal that will suit both a traditional or contemporary kitchen. It is also extremely dense, meaning it is less porous than other natural stone granite kitchen surfaces and worktops.

One of the major advantages to utilising pure black as a granite work top is its ability to hide stains or marks. Black surfaces can also be easily incorporated in any colour schemes, meaning you can decorate your kitchen without having to be restrictive when it comes to interior accessories and designs.

Material: Granite
Country of origin: Zimbabwe
Price (30mm): £250/m2
Price (20mm): £198/m2

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