Absolute White

Absolute white for worktops represents the ideal choice for modern, elegant interiors. This is a versatile product that can be paired easily with other materials and effects, for unlimited freedom of expression and design.

Characterised by a pureness that only the colour white can offer.

The Absolute white worktop is also made from Sintered Stone, which is not only UV stable and chemical resistance, but it also has the best compressive strength of any products currently on the marketplace. Sintered Stone also allows you to enjoy your kitchen as a hub of entertainment, with its no warping and thermal expansion, regardless of temperature or moisture changes.

Absolute White porcelain stoneware slabs for indoor and outdoor spaces. The slabs come in a 162x324 cm size, and are available with a thickness of 12mm and 20mm in a silk finish. Ideal for outdoor and indoor kitchens, tables for the home or for meeting rooms, for furnishing any space in domestic or commercial settings and for ventilated façades.

Material: Sintered Stone
Manufacturer: Atlas Plan
Country of origin: Italy

Price list

20mm: £403/m2
12mm: £328/m2

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