The Danau Pitt by Reginox

The Danau Pitt gas hobs comprise of 4 separate burners directly installed into your countertop. All the technical parts are integrated within the countertop to create a seamless finish, giving your countertop a refined and polished look. The mechanism also allows the burners to be separated from one another, allowing more room for larger pots and pans when cooking.

Number of burners 4
Pitts Old product number
Gas pressure 25 Mbar
Cabinet 1200 mm
Gas type G25
Dimension 1157x403x90 mm
Power (kW) 1x2 + 1x3 + 2x0,2-5

Price £1785.86 + Vat

Country of origin: Holland
Price (30mm): £1785.86/m2

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