A luminous stone skin with pronounced veins that recreate a gentle movement, the authentic and poetic power of Nuvolato by Naturamia® Quartzite. A material capable of tingeing an ambience with a colour palette of nuanced greys, sometimes intense and other times with snowy streaks. Its aesthetic underlines the purity of space while adding a note of eclecticism in worktops for modern and cosmopolitan bathrooms open to a minimalist style and fine materials. Nuvolato is all balance, playing with two finishes: polished, like a gleaming, restrained and elegant skin, and vintage, acquiring an image inspired in the past, with a natural texture. With these worktops, bathrooms and kitchens can take on a serene image or, conversely, add harmony in bright and trendy combinations.

Material: Quartzite
Manufacturer: Naturamia Collection
Country of origin: Brazil

Price list

20mm: £456/m2
30mm: £527/m2
20mm: £498/m2
30mm: £561/m2

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