Verde Lara

Excellence of movement.

Colourful green with soft drawings that mesh with rich veins and create intriguing patterns. One of the most fascinating and wonderful materials too its extraordinary design and incredible rhythm.

Verde Lara Granite is beautiful natural stone with waves of green and purple veins. It is mined in Brazil and available in 30mm thickness. The granite is a natural occurring stone that is ideal for kitchen worktops as its extremely hard to scratch, resistant to very high temperatures and once sealed, extremely resistant to staining.

Available in 30mm thickness and the slab sizes are normally around 3000mm x 1800mm.

Its high resistance to heat, the antibacterial and anti-stain treatment applied to the material as standard and the simple maintenance it requires. Naturamia® Collection advantages turn these stones into the star products for kitchens and bathrooms.

All the Naturamia collection comes with a 10 year warranty.

Material: Granite
Manufacturer: Naturamia Collection
Country of origin: Brazil

Price list

30mm: £300/m2
20mm: £272/m2
30mm: £312/m2
20mm: £283/m2

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