White Storm (Silestone)

Silestone White Storm quartz is a smile, clean and effective quartz worktop with a consistent small sized grain throughout. This material can be easily installed to seamlessly fit into any kitchen design.

The polished finish on the White Storm quartz means that it is resistant to stains and scratches, ideal for a kitchen countertop surface!

Available in jumbo sized slabs and in a polished and suede texture. From a distance the quartz looks like a plane white.
Thicknesses available are 12mm, 20mm & 30mm.

Benefits of Silestone:

Resistant to heat up to 80 degrees
Highly resistant to staining
Highly versatile
Requires minimum joints
Little maintenance required
White Storm Quartz worktops also come with a 15 year warranty with Silestone.

The price shown is for polished.

Material: Quartz
Manufacturer: Silestone
Country of origin: Spain

Price list

30mm: £350/m2
20mm: £263/m2
30mm: £384/m2
20mm: £289/m2

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