White Zement

White Zement is a cream / white quartz featuring speckles of grey throughout.

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world, making the White Zement quartz an extremely durable worktop that can withstand external aggressions. Due to its non-porous and easy to clean surface, the White Zement quartz also keeps it clean aesthetic, despite being installed in high traffic zones like kitchens, where mess is likely to accumulate overtime. The non-porous element also prevents bacteria and algae from forming on the worktops, creating a smooth and clean white interior that will last.

Compac Quartz is a combination of 93-95% pure quartz minerals. As one of the hardest natural stones, Compac quartz is renowned for their durable and scratch resistant surfaces.

Material: Quartz
Manufacturer: Compac
Country of origin: Spain

Price list

20mm: £283/m2
30mm: £364/m2
Glacé :
20mm: £299/m2
30mm: £397 £183/m2

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