The Zirconium is a dark grey/ black quartz with a very reflective sparkle surface, offering a distinctive metallic look in any space that it is displayed. The dark and grey colours look particularly good with grey or white units., providing the perfect backdrop to showcase the sparkles.

The Zirconium quartz contains approximately 95% pure natural quartz. The Zirconium quartz is also a non porous, anti-bacterial worktop that is highly durable and resistant to stains and scratches.

Available in normal size slabs with a polished or suede texture.

Slab thicknesses available are 20mm.
The price shown is for 30mm polished.
Zirconium Silestone quartz worktops come with a 25 year warranty with Silestone.

Material: Quartz
Manufacturer: Silestone
Country of origin: Spain

Price list

20mm: £452 £230/m2

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